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Wagga Personal Trainer

Wagga Personal Training

We all know how much of a struggle it can be fitting in any type of exercise into our hectic lifestyles and not just that but finding someone we can relate to that can help us reach our goals. So if you're looking for a Wagga personal trainer that can help you achieve what you believe to be impossible then read on.

I am here to provide you with the tools you need to reach your goals without sacrificing your schedule. I can find times to fit in with your schedule and because I can be fully mobile I am able to come to you or meet you in a place that suits your needs but at the same time sessions can be based at my own private studio.

Because I myself have been on my own journey with weight loss and fitness at the same time as raising two boys, working full time and studying at various times, you can feel assured that you will be coming to a place where you will be understood and respected.

I want to show you that no matter what size you are or what fitness level you are at, you are amazing just the way you are.

Your body deserves to be loved and nourished so you can not only look awesome, but be awesome too.
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I am able to develop programs for all fitness levels from beginners to advanced. I specialise in weight loss training and cater for busy mums on a tight schedule but in saying that my books are open to structure programs for anyone who has come to the point where they need guidance and motivation to not only reach their fitness goals but smash them as well.

We hope that you can find everything you need on our website. Fab Bods is focussed on providing high quality service and customer satisfaction that you look for in a Personal Trainer and one that is located in Wagga.

There is a variety of services to choose from and I know you will be happy working with us to achieve your goals. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions please feel free to contact us.

Meet Kate, Wagga Personal Trainer

At Fab Bods I pride myself on making your fitness goals a priority. I will work hard at tailoring a program that will suit your lifestyle, fit into your schedule and have you reaching your goals.

Seven years ago after having my second child and feeling more depressed and lonely then I had ever been. I jumped on the scales and ‘really’ looked in the mirror only to find that what I was looking at was not a true reflection of the person I dreamed to be. I was incredibly unfit, unwell and deeply ashamed.

That morning something changed in me I refused to be that person anymore. I started small and worked hard. Now I am 50 kilos lighter and in the best shape physically and mentally then I have ever been in. I am no longer unfit, unwell or ashamed. I have learned to love and respect my body for what it is. I know I will never be stick thin because I wasn’t born that way but I do know that I will be fit and healthy (and a little wiser).

Kate Fab Bods